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How to Harvest and Save Agapanthus Seeds (4 Steps)

To harvest and save agapanthus seeds, you need to wait until the flowers on your plant are browning, then collect the seed pods from the spent flowers. 

Next, allow the pods to split open, so you can remove the seeds. 

Finally, save them in a cool, dark place.

Read on to learn step-by-step how to harvest and save agapanthus seeds to take advantage of free seeds year after year, rather than purchasing them from a nursery.

4 Steps to Harvest Agapanthus Seeds

Follow these steps to harvest agapanthus seeds from your mature agapanthus plant. 

However, just keep in mind that agapanthus plants take a couple of years to show their first flowers and could take a year to bloom after being transplanted from a different location.

Step One: Wait Until the Agapanthus Is Finished Flowering

First of all, of course, enjoy the beautiful flowers on your agapanthus plant when they bloom in late spring or summer.

And you should know that the flowers will bloom for several months if they’ve had good growing conditions, so they’ll probably stick around for a while.

But, as the flowers start to brown and the petals begin to fall off, keep an eye on your agapanthus to prepare for the seed collection process.

Yet, do not wait until the pods have cracked open, as the seeds may fall out of the plant before you can collect them. 

Typically, you should harvest the pods once they turn yellow or brown.

Step Two: Harvest the Agapanthus Seed Pods

Now that the petals have started to fall off, which usually occurs in fall, you can begin removing pods from the plant.

To remove the pods, simply pinch them from the center of where the flower used to be and gently pull the pods off the plant.

Or, if you’d rather, you can use scissors to snip the pod off the plant to avoid damaging your agapanthus.

Step Three: Allow the Agapanthus Pods to Split Open

At this point, you’ll want to make sure that your seeds don’t fall out of the agapanthus pods and land somewhere where you’re unable to collect them. 

Thus, you should put the pods into a brown paper bag in a cool, dry place.

Then, the pods will dry out and split open over the next few days, revealing the seeds.

And your paper bag should collect all of your seeds. 

Alternatively, you can take the dried, spent agapanthus stems and flowers and bring them inside where there’s no wind.

Next, put a piece of paper or some catchment under the spent flowers so that the paper can catch the seeds as they fall from the pods.

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Step Four: Remove the Seeds From the Split Agapanthus Pods

Once your pods split open, the agapanthus seeds will fall out on their own.

You can then gently shake each pod over a brown paper bag or a piece of paper that’s large enough to keep the seeds from falling on the ground.

How to Store Agapanthus Seeds

If you can’t sow the seeds immediately, you can store them in a sealed container in a cool, dry place.

To keep the seeds well-protected until you’re ready to plant them, you should put the seeds into an envelope.

Then, place the envelopes in a sealed plastic or glass container that is airtight.

And, if you plan to save many different kinds of seeds, you can purchase bead organizer cases that work well for storing seeds.

Additionally, consider adding a silica gel packet, similar to those found in vitamin bottles and shoe boxes, to your jar to protect your agapanthus seeds from moisture. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Agapanthus?

Agapanthus is a perennial plant that grows white, purple, or blue flowers that appear in the shape of a globe.

This beautiful plant is popular among gardeners because it is drought tolerant once mature, and you can care for it easily.

Additionally, agapanthus is also called the lily of the Nile. 

How Do Agapanthus Seeds Look?

Agapanthus seeds can range in color from gray to almost black.

The seeds from the agapanthus pods have an abnormal, long, eggplant-like shape and are usually a half-inch (1 cm) long.

Agapanthus seeds are also flat and paper-like.

How Long Do Agapanthus Plants Take to Get Seeds?

Agapanthus plants must have flowers, or you can’t harvest seeds from them. 

But unfortunately, agapanthus is a slow germinating flower.

Thus, it will take around two to three years before your plant begins to bloom its signature globe of petals.

When Should I Plant Agapanthus?

Typically, you should sow your seeds in spring.

However, you can start seeds in late summer or fall as long as you keep them indoors to germinate, where they’ll stay warm and moist.

Do Agapanthus Seeds Last Well in Storage?

To get the best results, you should sow your agapanthus seeds as soon as you remove them from the dried seed pod.

But, when properly stored, your agapanthus seeds should definitely last until the next season. 

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Harvesting agapanthus seeds is simple and cost-effective, as long as you get your timing right.

So, wait until late summer or early fall when the flowers start to dry out, then harvest the seed pods before they split open so you can catch the seeds easily. 

Afterward, store the seeds in a cool, dry place until you can plant them.

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