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Vegetable Seed Saving Handbook



Seed Savers Handbook Table of Contents

Seed Saving Handbook Home

Introduces the website and suggests some possible starting points for using the Handbook.

Why Save Seeds?

Discusses some reasons why saving your own seeds is a good idea.

How to Grow Healthy Seeds

Shows how to grow plants that will produce healthy, vital seeds that will grow into strong, productive plants.

Saving Heirloom Seeds

Gives background needed to grow seeds to preserve varieties (as opposed to growing seeds to adapt to your own specific gardening practices or culinary tastes).

How to Save Pure Seeds

Tells how to reproduce heirloom varieties true-to-type without cross-pollinating with other varieties of the same plant.

Breed Your Own Varieties

Shares practices that will help you to breed new seed varieties specially adapted to your own gardening habits and tastes.

Seed Isolation Distances

Talks about how to determine how much space your varieties need to avoid crossing with other varieties nearby. Includes a table of isolation distances.

Specific Seed Specific Instructions

Lists specific seed saving procedures for common vegetables.

Harvesting Your Seeds

Gives safe, reliable methods for safely harvesting your seeds.

Storing Your Seeds

Learn how to safely store your seeds for long life and highest viability.

Heirloom Seed Sources

Gives sources for heirloom seeds, as well as some sources for wide-genetic-based varieties useful for selecting new varieties.


Lists some books concerning seed-saving, seed breeding and other seed-related topics.

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Reprinted from Vegetable Seed Savers Handbook, Jack Rowe 1998, howtosaveseeds.com