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How to Harvest and Save Wave Petunia Seeds

You can harvest seeds from your wave petunias when the flower dies off and the seed pod has started to swell. 

Then, bring the pod inside and place it in a container to catch the seeds when the pod splits open and they spill out.

And finally, keep your dried seeds in a paper envelope until you’re ready to plant them. 

It is essential to learn how to harvest your wave petunia seeds if you want to grow these plants year after year but don’t want to buy seeds from the store. 

Thus, let’s look at how you can harvest your own wave petunia seeds and save them for next year. 

How Do You Harvest Wave Petunia Seeds?

To harvest good wave petunia seeds, you should first identify which of your wave petunias are the strongest and healthiest.

These are the plants you should harvest from because they have the best chance of producing healthy seeds for the following year.

These flowers may also be particularly well suited to your garden and its growing conditions, and this is a trait you will want to perpetuate going forward.

Fortunately, petunias produce a large number of seeds, and harvesting them is usually pretty straightforward.

You will just need to wait until the plant’s blooms have begun to dry out. 

Then, you can start looking for the seed pods.

The pods will appear behind the dying petals, and they usually start to swell gently as the seeds inside them get riper.

And once the seed pods have swollen, you can simply pinch or cut the whole pod off the plant and then take it indoors to prepare the seeds for storage.

But, don’t wait until the pods have turned brown and dry because they may split open before you expect it, and you will lose the seeds. 

Thus, it is best to bring the pods in as soon as the seeds are ripe.

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How Do You Prepare Wave Petunia Seeds for Storage?

To prepare wave petunia seeds for storage, you should take a container with deep sides and place the harvested seed pods in it.

Leave the top off, and put the container in a warm spot so that the seed pods can continue developing and drying.

The pods will eventually split open, and the seeds will spill into the container.

Then, once the pods have split, you can remove them and shake out any remaining seeds. 

Next, sort any other debris out (e.g., leftover petals and bits of the stem) so that you only have the seeds left. 

Afterward, you can tip the seeds onto some paper towels to continue drying them.

And remember that it is crucial to get your seeds totally dry before storing them.

So, occasionally stir the seeds around to prevent any moisture pockets from forming. 

You should then keep your seeds in a warm place and away from direct sunlight for at least two weeks while you wait for them to dry.

When they have dried, they are finally ready for storage.

How Do You Store Wave Petunia Seeds?

Like almost all seeds, wave petunia seeds need a cool, dark, dry environment if they are to keep for the following year.

You have a few different options for storage, but the most popular involves tipping the seeds into paper envelopes.

You should then label and date these envelopes before placing them in an airtight container with some silica gel packets to help absorb any remaining moisture.

Next, put your airtight container in a dark place with reasonably stable temperatures. 

Also, keep the container out of direct light for the rest of the storage period.

And most importantly, don’t forget that if the seeds get damp, too hot, or exposed to sunlight, they may fail to germinate the following spring. 

So be careful about where you place this container, and make sure it is in a suitable spot.

Then, the following spring, often around March, you can plant your wave petunia seeds.

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Do Wave Petunia Seeds Come True?

Of course, when harvesting the seeds from some kinds of plants, there is a risk that what comes up the following spring will not look exactly like the parent plant.

And, yes, some wave petunias do not come true. 

You may get different colored flowers, smaller blooms, or other variations.

However, you should still get viable plants, and some of them might even come true.

But, if they don’t, you can still enjoy a variety of different colors from your flowers. 

Or, you can always buy more of your favorite colors from your local garden center.

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Wave petunias are beautiful flowers, and it is extremely easy to harvest and store the seeds from them, which can massively decrease your planting costs year on year. 

And planting flowers is also a fun way to connect with your garden and feel like you’ve really put in the work it takes to keep it beautiful.

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