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How to Harvest and Save Gerbera Daisy Seeds

You can save your gerbera daisy seeds by choosing a healthy plant when the seeds are ripe and then drying the seeds and placing them in an airtight container. 

Do you love your gerbera daisies? 

If so, and if you would like to grow these wonderful plants year after year, it’s essential to learn how to harvest the seeds so that you don’t have to keep buying the plants all the time. 

Fortunately, harvesting and storing gerbera seeds isn’t too tricky. 

So, let’s look at gerbera daisy seed harvesting and storage. 

How Do You Harvest Gerbera Daisy Seeds?

To harvest these seeds, you need to first choose the strongest, healthiest plants with the most flowers.

These daisies will produce the best seeds, so identify them from the others in your garden.

Then, when the flower heads start to die, use a pair of sharp scissors to cut the head off the main plant.

Next, take the flower head into the house and place it on some paper towels in a warm, dry spot with few drafts and no direct sunlight.

Now, allow the flower heads to dry out gradually. 

Once dry, they will shed their seeds.

And if any seeds remain on the flower head, you can gently pull them out with your fingers.

Generally, these seeds should be dark brown and have a small, feathery tuft near the top, a little like a dandelion clock.

Then, spread the seeds out on the paper towel and allow them to keep drying for a week or until they are completely dry.

You should also turn them occasionally so that all sides can get some air. 

Turning maximizes the water evaporation and encourages the seeds to dry thoroughly.

Finally, when the seeds have been drying for a week, they should be ready for you to store.

How Can You Store Gerbera Daisy Seeds?

To store gerbera daisy seeds, you should first label and date some paper envelopes so that you’ll always know what seeds the envelope contains and how old they are.

Next, sort through your seeds and choose only the fat ones. 

These fat seeds will be the most fertile and are the most likely to grow.

You can then discard the remaining seeds, as they are not likely to be viable, and there is no point in storing them.

Afterward, once you have selected the fat seeds, place them in the paper envelope, and put the envelope into a secondary airtight container.

And if you have any, add a packet of silica gel to the secondary container. 

Silica gel will help absorb any remaining moisture from the seeds and stop atmospheric moisture from ruining them.

Then, seal the container.

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Where Should You Keep Gerbera Daisy Seeds?

Like most seeds, you need to keep gerbera daisy seeds in a cool, dry place, away from direct light. 

You can use an opaque container, wrap your container, or choose a dark storage spot to protect them adequately.

Additionally, gerbera daisy seeds don’t last well at room temperature, so you may wish to store them in the fridge.

However, if you put them in the fridge, it’s crucial to make sure they are in an airtight container that will protect them from dampness.

You should also place them near the back of the fridge to minimize temperature fluctuations.

Or, if you can’t put the seeds in your fridge, choose a cool cupboard, dark basement, or freezer.

Any of these storage options should help keep the seeds viable for the following year.

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Will Gerbera Daisy Seeds Come True?

Gerbera daisies are F1 hybrids, so not all of their offspring will come true to the parent plant.

Yet, in the first year, around 75 percent will look like the parent plant. 

But the more generations you go through, the more they will revert to the species’ natural colors – either orange or pink.

Some people don’t mind this, but be aware of it before you start harvesting and saving the seeds to avoid disappointment.

Thus, if you want to keep growing the hybrid gerbera daisies, you will have to purchase new plants from a garden center each year. 

Otherwise, your stock will lose its similarities to the original plant.

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When Should You Plant Gerbera Daisy Seeds?

You should plant your stored seeds in the spring after you have collected them.

Don’t try to store gerbera daisy seeds for years. 

Gerbera daisy seeds do not keep well, so it is best to use your stock up and harvest fresh seeds each year.

Also, you can compost any seeds that do not grow to prevent waste.


Overall, you can harvest gerbera daisy seeds when the flowers have died. 

Then, you should keep them dry and at a low, stable temperature until the following planting season. 

And most importantly, do not leave gerbera daisy seeds exposed to light and warm temperatures for longer than is necessary to dry them, or they will lose their viability.

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