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How to Grow Monstera from Seed (Step by Step)

You can grow a monstera plant from seed by planting your seeds in a damp medium and then transferring them to some sphagnum moss or an aroid-suitable substrate. 

Then, keep them damp, and they should soon sprout.

Growing monstera plants from seed is a fun and interesting project. 

And it’s a great way to get a monstera plant for a low price – although you should be aware that it will take some time for the plant to get big. 

To grow monstera from seed, you just need to follow the instructions below. 

How Do You Prepare Monstera Seeds?

There are a few different methods for starting monstera seeds. 

But, most people soak the seeds for up to 48 hours before they are ready to plant them. 

This process encourages them to split.

However, you can also just put the monstera seeds on damp paper towels and set them in a bright spot with a second paper towel over the top.

Then, keep the seeds damp for a couple of days, and they will be ready to plant.

Or, you can place your seeds in small containers full of sphagnum moss and then dampen the moss thoroughly. 

Next, cover each container with a plastic bag.

This method should also help the seedlings to sprout, although there is a risk of them going moldy. 

So, take the bag off and allow them to breathe from time to time to prevent mold. 

Also, if you use the sphagnum moss method, you can leave the seeds in these small containers for longer. 

But, you will still need to transplant them into larger pots when they begin to get strong.

Finally, no matter what method you pick, make sure you have plenty of seeds. 

Planting many seeds will ensure that at least some of them grow. 

And if you end up with too many plants, simply gift or sell the extras and keep the plant(s) that you want – monsteras are always in high demand. 

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How Do You Plant Monstera Seeds?

To plant monsteras, you should first prepare some small pots with suitable potting compost. 

You should have one pot for every seed.

Additionally, monsteras will need a light, well-draining potting medium to grow since they like lots of air around their roots.

Thus, you should use standard compost mixed with plenty of vermiculite or orchid bark. 

Or, you can buy a mix specifically designed for aroids.

Then, once you’ve put the soil in the pot, push back some dirt to make a small, shallow hole around half an inch (1 cm) deep.

Now, place one seed in the hole you have made and cover it up, or sprinkle some more compost on top.

However, do not press the compost down. 

The seed needs to be able to sprout up and reach the light, and dense dirt will stop them. 

Next, water the seed, preferably by using a plant mister, as this will ensure the seed does not get disturbed in the soil.

You will need to keep the seedlings wet over the next few weeks, so if you haven’t got a plant mister, consider purchasing one. 

A mister will make watering the young plants much easier.

Then, when you have planted and watered all of the seeds, move them to a spot with bright, indirect light and preferably stable, warm temperatures.

And remember that if the temperatures are below 70 degrees F (21 C), the plants may not sprout, as monsteras need warmth and humidity.

However, keep them out of direct sunlight, as too much light will quickly burn and kill them.

If your options are limited, you can use a curtain or shade in your window. 

But, make sure your window covering is thin because the baby plants will still need plenty of light.

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How Soon Will the Seedlings Sprout?

In general, monstera seedlings will sprout within about two weeks, although some may sprout more quickly.

Yet, some seedlings may take longer, so give them plenty of time. 

But, if the seedlings are not sprouting within about three weeks, try gently pushing back some of the soil and looking for a green shoot.

If you can see a shoot, cover the sprout back up and continue to water and care for the seedling because the seed may prove viable.

However, if a seed hasn’t come up by about the four-week mark, it is unlikely to do so, and you should compost it.

Finally, monsteras should develop their leaf fenestrations when they reach about two or three years old.

Transplanting Monsteras

When your seedlings reach a few inches tall, you can carefully transplant them into bigger pots. 

Just make sure you wait until their roots are strong enough to withstand the shock of the move. 

If they seem too delicate, let them grow for a bit longer. 

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Monsteras are pretty easy to grow from seeds, and this can be an economical way to get hold of one of these desirable plants. 

However, unfortunately, you will need to wait for a few years for this plant to grow to a decent size.

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