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How to Grow Calamansi from Seed

You can harvest calamansi seed directly from the fruit and then easily prep the seed for planting. 

Then, you can grow calamansi in a pot or in the ground, depending on the hardiness zone in which you live.

Calamansi is a tropical citrus fruit native to the Philippines, which you can grow anywhere as long as you give it the right conditions and care.

In this article, we will tell you how to harvest calamansi seeds to replant and how to grow calamansi seeds in the ground and in a pot for transplant or as a permanent potted plant.  

How Do I Harvest Calamansi Seeds for Replanting?

Calamansi seeds are easy to harvest and require little special preparation to plant.

First, cut into a ripe calamansi fruit to remove the seeds.

There are usually about five seeds per fruit.

Remove the outer layer of the seed and immediately fold them into a moistened paper towel.

Place the paper towel in a plastic bag and leave it in a warm place such as a sunny window for three days.

After that, the seeds should have sprouted, and you can move them to a pot.

Alternatively, you can directly plant the seeds in the soil as long as the environment is warm and humid to mimic their native tropical clime.

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How Do I Grow Calamansi in a Pot?

First of all, remember that you should pot calamansi in the early spring, especially if you plan to transplant them later into the ground.

So, once spring comes around, start by planting the seeds about an inch deep in a pot using half perlite and half peat moss. 

Make sure you space the seeds about three inches apart.

Then, keep the soil moist and humid by placing a piece of plastic wrap over the container.

Also, since calamansi are tropical plants, you must keep them in an environment that is at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius).

They should receive at least four hours of direct sun every day as well.

When the seedlings begin to grow, remove the plastic wrap to allow for top growth.

Later on, once a few leaves have sprouted, you can move the seedlings to a bigger pot. 

Additionally, remember that calamansi seedlings should get potassium fertilizer every two to four weeks until winter. 

Thus, you can plant calamansi seeds in pots to prepare them for transplanting in the ground or leave them as an indoor plant if you live in an area that is too cold for them to thrive.

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How Do I Grow Calamansi From Seed in the Ground?

If you live in the right climate, you can plant calamansi seeds directly into the ground.

Just be sure to plant them in the spring when there is no chance of frost, or else the seedlings might die.

Begin by digging a hole in your planting area at least sixteen inches deep and sixteen inches wide and place your seeds in it.

Next, fill in the hole with plenty of tamped-down soil so that your dirt does not wash away with any heavy spring rainstorm.

Also, if your area does not get regular rain, be sure to water the soil around the plant so that it doesn’t dry out.

And, when watering, keep in mind that calamansi plants are used to humidity, so it’s okay for the soil to be quite moist.

How Do I Transplant Calamansi Grown From a Pot Into the Ground?

When you are ready to plant your potted calamansi tree into the ground, select a spot at least sixteen feet away from any other calamansi tree to give it enough space to grow.

Then, dig a hole approximately sixteen inches wide and sixteen inches deep.

And be sure to mix compost into the upper six inches of the soil to feed the newly transplanted tree.

Now, you can put the tree in the hole and fill it with soil and compost, tamping it down with your hands or a shovel blade.

You should then water the tree immediately after planting and often enough to keep the soil damp.

Furthermore, you need to apply fertilizer mixed with urea every four months. 

Then, after the first two years, double the dose of fertilizer.

Your should also mulch your calamansi tree every year.

To mulch correctly, leave a one or two-inch space around the trunk and extend the mulch out as wide as the canopy cover.

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Calamansi trees are easy to grow from seed as long as you provide the plant with the right growing conditions.

And since calamansi trees are native to tropical climates, they require warm temperatures, high humidity, and lots of water.

However, you can plant calamansi in pots first before you transplant it into the ground so that you can grow the tree anywhere. 

Overall, calamansi will supply you with plenty of delicious fruit as long as you properly care for your tree and give it the nutrients it needs.

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