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How to Grow Aloe Vera from Seed? (7 Steps)

To grow aloe vera from seed, you’ll need to:

  1. Harvest the seed from your plant or from someone who has an aloe vera plant
  2. Pick the right container
  3. Pick the right soil
  4. Plant your aloe vera seeds
  5. Water your aloe vera seeds and keep them warm
  6. Repot your aloe vera
  7. Care for your mature plant

In this article, we’ll explore the simple steps to grow aloe vera from seed through a simple, inexpensive process that yields healthy plants to keep at home or share with friends and family.

7 Steps to Grow Aloe Vera From Seed

Step One: Harvest Aloe Vera Seed

To harvest aloe vera seed pods from a pollinated aloe vera plant, wait until the mature plant has flowers, which is where you’ll find the seeds.

But, remember that mature plants will be approximately four years old before you can harvest seed pods from them, so you may need to wait a while. 

However, once the seed pods turn a brownish-green color within the flower, they’re ready to be harvested.

And to begin harvesting, open the seed pod and check the color of the seeds. 

Seeds that are ready for harvest will be dark brown or black. 

If they’re lighter, leave the seeds to mature longer.

When the seeds are ready, open the seed pods over a container to catch the seeds as they fall out of the pod.

Then, you can discard the pods.

Overall, you can keep seeds for up to a year if you store them properly.

And to store them, you should keep them in a paper envelope in a cool, dark, dry place.  

Conversely, if your aloe vera plant does not have flowers, you may want to try to propagate your own plant by carefully cutting the aloe vera pups off the parent plant.

But, growing your aloe vera from seed is a more cost-effective way to grow this plant and ensure the health of its soil.

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Step Two: Pick the Right Container

To grow aloe vera from seed pods, you’ll need to pick a container that isn’t too big.

The container for your seed pod should also have good drainage.

Additionally, remember that you’ll only use this container temporarily. 

You’ll repot the plant later, so you don’t need a perfect container for this step. 

Step Three: Pick the Right Soil

You should plant your aloe vera seed pods in soil that drains well and doesn’t get too soggy.

Horticulturists recommend using half peat and half horticultural sand so that the soil is loose enough to prevent mold, weeds, and other pathogens from sprouting.

Step Four: Plant Your Aloe Vera Seeds

Now that you have well-draining soil in an appropriately sized pot with good drainage, you should slightly wet the soil.

Then, put your aloe vera seeds on top of the soil and cover them with another light layer of soil.

Also, generally, you should plant your aloe vera seeds in spring if you want to move them outdoors when it’s warmer.  

Otherwise, you can plant your aloe vera year-round if you keep it indoors.

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Step Five: Water Your Aloe Vera

When your seeds are still new, you want to keep the soil in your container humid by using a spray bottle to spritz the soil once daily.

Some people also choose to cover their aloe vera seed containers in plastic to keep in the humidity, but this step isn’t necessary.

You just need to ensure you spritz the aloe vera seed pods regularly until you see seedlings, which will take approximately three to four weeks.

Step Six: Repot Your Aloe Vera

Once you see seedlings and a few leaves begin to form, move your plants to a larger pot that will provide enough space for a full-sized aloe vera plant.

Also, make sure to plant the aloe vera seedling into two inches of soil and water it as you would an adult plant.

Finally, continue using the same well-draining soil you used for the aloe vera seed pods.

Step Seven: Care for Your Mature Aloe Vera

Water your mature aloe vera plant every two to three weeks in the warmer months and less in the colder months. 

The soil about two inches beneath the surface of the soil level should remain dry if you are watering it correctly.

You should also keep your aloe vera in a warm spot in your house or outside, where it can get at least six to eight hours of sunlight per day.

Lastly, remember that overwatered aloe vera will develop brown tips on their leaves, so watch out for this development. 

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Where Do You Get Aloe Vera Seeds?

You can purchase aloe vera seeds from a nursery or online retailer such as CactusStore.com.

Or you can harvest seeds from a mature, pollinated aloe vera plant.

Why Should I Grow My Own Aloe Vera?

You should grow your own aloe vera plant because these plants have powerful medicinal properties that can treat several health conditions. 

Overall, aloe vera can help to heal burns, calm and cure stomach issues like IBS, clear up acne without irritating skin, and improve oral hygiene.

And, unlike some other medicinal plants, aloe vera is safe for most people to use.

Aloe vera is also easy to grow and makes a nice houseplant, like other succulents.


Learning how to grow aloe vera from seed is a simple, inexpensive process, especially if you already have an aloe vera plant or know someone who does. 

Additionally, aloe vera is a lovely houseplant and is also a medicinal plant that’s handy to have at home for occasional burns, stomach upsets, and skin breakouts.

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